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Value Based Culture

  • We value  the individual

  • We value our ability to create and exceed high client expectations

  • We value honesty, integrity and open communication

  • We value an ownership mentality that encourages innovation and risk taking

  • We value a spirit of co-operation, which is seen in our ability to perform in teams and partnerships

People Processes

  • Mutual trust and respect

  • People who listen to one another

  • Empowerment of decision making to levels close to the work

  • A participative work environment which encourages innovation and risk taking

Individual Excellence

  • People are most valuable resources

  • Our people accept responsibility and commit to excellence in their work and self development

  • Our people are trusted to meet the highest standard of integrity

  • Our people are valued for their ideas and involvement



According to Webster's Dictionary, knowledge is defined as


(This is something abstract and quite philosophical, and attempt to integrate it into world that is business oriented, would mean to have high level of discipline in a structured format)

At HRCC we believe that the ability to innovate and create new solutions that address market needs, comes from learning to manage knowledge

To know what you know and be able to apply that at the right time and in right place is what sets the innovative company ahead of its competitors.

Our GOAL is to create and nurture an environment that permits and promotes sharing.

We believe the KNOWLEDGE we bring with us is of no value unless we share it with our client.


Customer Orientation

  • Any business that provides a service is, by nature, providing a relationship

  • For that relationship to work, it must be based on respect, trust and the ability to meet and exceed obligations and expectations.

  • Everything we do is driven by our strong values, our belief in our process, and our commitment to share these with our customers.

  • To each client, we bring a unified focus and a tailor-made methodology

  • ... a consistent, repeatable, refineable process for defining expectations, isolating problems, creating and implementing solutions, monitoring and tracking results, no matter what the assignment.



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