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  • Performance improvements result from a multiplicity of factors of which MONEY is only one

  • Money, in the form of PAY or some other sort of remuneration, is the most obvious extrinsic reward and is undoubtedly an important factor in attracting, retaining and motivating people

  • High performance requires that the employees be :

  • energized to perform, because they are well motivated and highly committed

  • empowered to perform, because they have the ability, skills and knowledge

  • enabled to perform through guidance and support, quality of leadership and autonomy at work

  • Financial Rewards act as incentives only if people's expectations that they can earn them are high, the reward is work the effort and there is a clear link between effort and reward

  • The Factors that affect employee's satisfaction with the Reward System are

  • Felt Fairness

  • Expectations and Value

  • Internal Comparisons

  • External Comparison

  • Self Evaluation

  • Reward Package Mix



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